Dalai Lama Religion Analysis

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What do the quotes say about religion?
The quotes reveal specific aspects of religion and what certain religions mean to different people. For the Dalai Lama religion is about bettering you and not criticizing others. Abraham Lincoln states that “The almighty has his own purposes” meaning that if you believe in a higher power you should not be fully dependent upon that power. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk says that without religion a nation isn’t able to survive. Religion is a key aspect to society and without the constructs of it moral codes and ethics society would crumble. Deepak Chopra mentions that a key part of religion is to serve others, to put your needs behind those of others. Important institutions that religions today take full to heart through initiatives like St Vinnie’s and the United Religions Initiative teaching peace and love between all peoples no matter what they believe. Paramahansa Yogananda believes that religion is about learning who you are as a person and becoming aware of yourself, he phrases it as “self-realisation”. He believes it is the only form of religion no matter what other
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Religion gave birth to community and belonging. It provided meaning to early settlers and gave them hierarchies. Religion and rituals of the past improved burial techniques, in doing so they gave the dead more respect, instead of just digging a hole they would hold a ceremony to honour the deceased. Today even, the ethics and moral based around Jesus’s teaching and the Ten Commandments are common practice in most societies. Teachings learnt from previous religious experiences have influenced western culture and continue to be the base for moral codes and laws. Scientific endeavour was a part of a few religions. Islam and Greek religions enforced science and philosophy and did not dispute its facts like the Catholic Church did with Galileo in 1616, refuting his ideas and stopping his
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