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The Dalkon Shield Case Study Report Abstract The case study involving A.H. Robins Company will discuss blatant lack of due diligence of the product Dalkon Shield. Ignoring appropriate measures to ensure safety or the product along with misleading aggressive promotional strategies and literature show the malicious intent of the company for short-term profits, despite the fatal and devastating impacts on the public. The Dalkon Shield Case Study Report Unethical Practices As inventors, Davis and Lerner, at first were following protocol by developing, testing, distributing, and refining their product to a small controlled portion of the public with good faith and due diligence along with documenting their studies and recording…show more content…
As a company of such knowledge, skill, and practices, it was not a surprise to find that they desired to enter the demanding market of birth control. This is especially true with the safety issues with the birth control pill such as, blood clots. So when the Dalkon Shield came into to market for purchase it is understandable that they were interested in an attractive alternative, and there was a vast opportunity there. This new product was not just supposed to be a safer alternative, but it essentially could replace the oral contraceptive all together when deemed as a safer, no side effect, type of product. Robins Company’s anxiousness should not have misplaced the appropriate procedural testing of the Shield, especially since this was an entirely new product line for them. First, this is a product that is going inside of the human body, and was barely past experimental stages. Secondly, Robins has absolutely no confirmation on the consistency of Davis and Lender’s original test results and statistics. Any sound business decision, especially in acquisition as such, the purchaser would obtain their own independent testing, to confirm this was stable, reliable, move the company. It seems as though Robins just to the word of the originator and ran towards short-term profits without even glances at the overall soundness of the decisions he was making or their consequences. The Robins Company should

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