Dallas Police Department Website Analysis

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Law enforcements acts critically to helping victims cope, they will first assist the victim with the immediate damage and later will help with the recovery from the crime. Not all victims will report a crime through calling law enforcement, some might prefer following guidelines online or step by step directions on what to do if they were a victim of a crime. Websites possibly could provide information to the victim about local agencies that could help them, numbers they could call and different resources. There are many police departments all across the country and each one is very different in assisting victims needs. ADD MORE ABOUT THE WEBSITES I PICKED The Dallas Police Department has a very well put together website designed to help victims. Some of these assistances consist of victim services, family violence contact, identity theft and many more numbers and websites that a victim could utilize. This allows victims to find the help that they need and it will help them to file the right claims. The DPD is very thorough on providing information to possible victims by providing telephone numbers for multiple types of crimes and having different language speakers available to talk to. The information doesn’t stop with phone numbers however the DPD also …show more content…

Both sites have a summary of what they do at the beginning of the website. While both may provide good information, I think the Dallas Police Department sites summary is better because it is more descritive and provides more information about reporting and filing to help the victim. Both websites provide resources, but the Fort Worth Police Department was very limited on their resources. The Dallas Police Department is better because their was more of a selection and variety of call centers and programs that offered the help in multiple languages common in that

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