Dallas, Texas On The Trinity River

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The city that I have chosen for my report is Dallas, Texas. Dallas is located in north central Texas on the Trinity River. I have chosen this city because I am from the north Texas area and will hopefully have a great job waiting for me in the Dallas area one day. I am also a huge Dallas sports fan, and I can’t wait until the new season starts. Many interesting things have happened in Dallas over the life of the city. Some famous TV shows were filmed in Dallas, Texas like Prison Break and Dallas. The episode of the TV show Dallas is famous for the episode titled “Who Done It” which remains the second highest prime-time telecast ever. Dallas is also the home to the first ever microchip that was invented at Texas Instruments by employee Jack s. Kilby in 1958. Dallas also knows how to have a good time, and history proves this because the first margarita machine as invented by a restaurateur Mariano Martinez over four decades ago. And lastly the Galleria Mall in Dallas is home to the tallest Christmas tree. It has almost 250,000 lights and over 10,000 ornaments on it each year. Dallas is also the place where President John F. Kennedy was shot. City Background Information Dallas has many major highways that cross through its land. These highways include 20, 30, 35, and 45. Interstate 35 actually extends all of the way up to Canada. The city is again on the Trinity River which it shares with another major city called Ft. Worth. Together the two cities make up the DFW area

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