Dallas Winston Character Analysis

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Have you ever seen someone and instantly, your mind created a personality for the person, whether you knew them or not? I did. It may have been a book character, but that didn’t stop me from making assumptions. Turns out they were wrong. Dallas Winston was something else. It started with the narrator, Ponyboy. He was part of a gang, and they all looked out for each other. They had a crappy life. But their friends made it better. All was going okay. Until a kid murdered someone. This threw Ponyboy and Johnny, the killer, into a whirlwind of adventure. Hiding out, drawing in the dust, and cutting hair. Then a fire. Tragedy struck, and things went bad. Really bad. And it just got worse. I am focusing on the character Dallas Winston, and…show more content…
He tried to do things just to show that he didn’t care. And that is being mean. That is being angry. That is being dangerous. He showed so little care about anything, that people began to wonder if he cared at all. “Some of us never cry at all. Like Dally and Two-Bit and Tim Shepard-they forgot how at an early age.” (Page 103)

That’s just the beginning. Dallas is so much more than that. And this is why. Later in the book, Dally changes. He had a whole ‘tough guy’ thing going on, but what if that was just the outside of his appearance? What is he was an entirely different person on the inside? “Johnny,” Dally said in a pleading, high voice, using a tone I had never heard from him before, “Johnny, I ain’t mad at you. I just don’t want you to get hurt. You don’t know what a few months in jail can do to you. Oh, blast it, Johnny”- he pushed his white-blonde hair back out of his eyes-”You get hardened in jain. I don’t want that to happen to you. Like it happened to me.” (Page 90) Dally cared about Johnny. He cared so much. He didn’t want Johnny to change, and become hard and unforgiving. Because that wasn’t Johnny. This is proved much later on in the book again. You know the disaster I talked about? Yeah, that was Johnny’s death. Johnny died because of a fire, and he broke his back saving kids out of a burning church. But that’s what killed him. And Dally couldn’t take it. Because even the strong and unmovable Dallas Winston

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