Damien Hirst 's The On The Mind Of Someone Living

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The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living is a piece that was created by the artist Damien Hirst in the year 1992. In summary, it is a tiger shark that is preserved in a formaldehyde solution in a case of glass and steel. The case is separated into three parts, which most likely is because Hirst did not want the viewer to see and observe the piece as one whole dead shark. It is thought that this steel casing breaks the continuity of the shark and therefore, becomes less connectable as something familiar to the viewer. This shark is considered one of the most shocking pieces of American art. This is because this shark, for many people, seems to be a direct representation of death and is quite disturbing, and somewhat scary to look at, whether it be in person or in real life. Therefore, the belief stands that this piece is more a form of science than a form of art. The artist of the piece is Damien Hirst. Hirst is an English artist who was born in Bristol and moved to London when he was 19 years old. Hirst was raised in a Catholic household, and even had an early religious educational childhood. Later in his life, he pulls from this religious education as inspiration for his works. He got his Bachelors of Arts in Fine Arts from Goldsmiths College in 1989, which he later used to practice sculpture, painting, and drawing. After graduating, Hirst and his peers became part of a group called the Young British Artists, and they would be known for
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