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“What makes us different unites us”
Damien Memorial School, 1401 Houghtailing mo bettah! 96817. We are different in many ways. From different religions to different ethnicities it is all here. Although, we are a Catholic school, there are many different religions that come to this school and we accept who they are. We are located in Kalihi and it is not the greatest community, but we are still united as one. The neighborhood isn’t the greatest, but when you get to know the school and what goes on within the school it will amaze you. Many people are different ethnicities, but when they share their differences they come to know what the other person likes.
Damien is like a present wrapped with the same wrapping paper. But, it’s not what the wrapping
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Like the wrapped present I said before, people open their present and they show what they got, but not everyone would get the same present when they share with one another. After they share what they get, then they unite as one and work as one. People of ethnicities share what ethnicity they come from and everyone else shares their ethnicities and where they come from, then people start learning about one another and unite as one whole in the end like the present with the same wrapping paper. You’ll never know what you’ll get until you open the present.
To end, “What makes Damien different unites us” is a topic that describes Damien as a whole. Everyone comes from many places on the island, different ethnicities, different religions and different characteristics. These are only some of the difference we have at Damien. It all unites us as one and we also have different perspectives on things, like this essay. The diversity within the school helps us at Damien because it teaches that we accept people for who they are and what they believe in. This shows Damien itself is a diverse school but is united as a whole and no one stands
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