Damn Dams In The United States

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Damn Dams The United States has led the world in dam building for the past 100 years. The dams are used for a variety of purposes, including hydropower, irrigation, flood control, and water storage. Even though dams can be a benefit to society, they can also cause a lot for harm to the rivers. Dams degraded river ecosystems, depleted fisheries, and diminished the recreational use of nearly all of the nation’s rivers. Many of the dams are unsafe, old or no longer serve their intended purposes.
Reduce River Levels Dams by nature are used to divert water from going down river freely. This causes the areas below the dams to become dewatered and takes away the water needed for a heathy ecosystem. Taking away the water makes native plant live close
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Many fish, like Trout will only lay their eggs in the same area where they were born in. Having a dam stopping the migration of the fish greatly depletes the population of fish because if they cannot get to their breeding grounds then they will not lay their eggs. Which effects the whole ecosystem. If there is no fish then the animals that rely on the fish for food will starve and have kill more of the other food sources, which causes a domino effect in nature. This devastation in the ecosystem is because if one part of the food chain if takin out then the rest will suffer…show more content…
Dams are used to generate hydropower by releasing the water to move the turbine that generates the power. Hydropower is a big industry in the United State it is responsible for most of the United States renewable energy resources. Dams are made for the water storage in areas where water is not easily accessible. The storing of water allows communities to have a reserve water supply in case of a drought or water shortage. In places like California that have been in a drought for years would not be able to survive without the Dams and reservoirs to keep a water supply. Without this water, the cities would have to move to a climate with more available
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