Damon Lee Case Study

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On Saturday, March 18, 2017, Damon Lee and Kenneth Fox had argument lead to physical conflict. Mr. Lee door has a pin missing. The door can’t open from the inside, but the door can open from the outside. Mr. Lee keeps a piece paper in the door, so the door doesn’t latch. Mr. Lee ask Mr. Fox, “not to mess with paper” Mr. Lee heard the door slightly open and the paper fell out. At 2:18pm, I received a call at the front desk. Damon Lee informed me that Kenneth Fox locked Damon Lee in his room 140. I told Damon Lee that I will unlock his door for him. I went to room 140, and I unlock the room. Damon Lee quickly left his room and says “where is he?” I kept saying “Mr. Lee”, and I saw piece paper on floor. I pick up the paper, and ask Mr. Lee,
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