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Dan and Phil: My Role Models Daniel Howell and Philip Lester, goes by the shortened names Dan and Phil, and even the combined name Phan. But whatever name they may present themselves as though, most people, preferably teenagers, know them. Being YouTube stars, they have over 9 million subscribers and 7 million followers combined. Doing skits, comedy, gaming episodes, and even casually talking about their life are their job. But they are over and above than what meets the eye. At first glance, you may think they are handsome, funny, and a little dorky, but they are more exceptional than you’ll ever expect, and that’s why my role models are Dan and Phil. Dan and Phil, who began as teenagers, first embarked on creating YouTube videos separately, only having 100 subscribers in the opening. But as the years went by, they realized that YouTube was much more than just a hobby, and that people’s lives were impacted by their existence. Whenever I am having an unpleasant day, such as after school, my mother’s complaints, or just when I’m…show more content…
Dan, who went to an all boys school, were made fun of throughout his high school years. But he didn’t let it affect him, knowing that the children may be dealing with troubles themselves, and take it out on him. Phil, who also went to an all boys school, was much of an outsider and didn’t have many friends. Although they both had a rowdy childhood, Dan and Phil never allowed their past or current struggles to overtake their life, and were always able to see the light on the other side. Another display of their courage is TATINOF, or The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire. TATINOF is Dan’s and Phil’s first live tour, and they anxious to find out if their fans would enjoy it. They took a massive chance on carrying out an tour, but they took it with stride and never doubted themselves. Thankfully, everyone loved it ( myself included.

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