Dan Goleman's Social Intelligence Book Review

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Running head: GOLEMAN’S SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE BOOK REVIEW Dan Goleman’s Social Intelligence Book Review Summary of Key Points Unveiling a New Science Goleman contends that the most fundamental revelation of this new discipline is that people are wired to connect. Neuroscience has discovered that our brain’s very design makes it sociable, unavoidably drawn into a neurological connection whenever we interact with another person. This two-way connection allows us to affect everyone we interact with both physically and mentally. The new science of social intelligence should be thought of in terms of being intelligent not just about our personal and professional relationships, but also in them. Goleman explains that this involves…show more content…
It includes first, primal empathy, or feeling with others and sensing nonverbal signals. Second, attunement, or when you listen to others with full attention. Third, empathic accuracy, or when you have an understanding of another person’s thoughts, feelings, and intentions. Fourth, social cognition or knowing how the social world works. Social facility suggests that simply sensing how another person feels, or knowing what they think or intend, does not guarantee fruitful interactions. Social facility builds on social awareness to allow smooth, effective interactions. The scope of social facility includes first, synchrony or interacting smoothly at the nonverbal level. Second, self- presentation or presenting ourselves effectively. Third, influence or shaping the outcome of social interactions. Fourth, is a concern or caring about others’ needs and acting accordingly. Recognizing the Human Being To explain this point, Goleman asks the reader to imagine a doctor, a successful heart surgeon, who is emotionally distant from his patients. Not only is he lacking in compassion, but is also quite dismissive, even disdainful of them and their feelings. Goleman tells the story of a surgeon who had just operated on a patient who had jumped out of a fifth-floor window in a suicide attempt and

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