Dana Cutler Character Analysis

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Dana Cutler is a fictional character in the Dana Cutler series of novels written by legal thriller writer Phillip Margolin. The Dana Cutler character was first introduced in Executive Privilege, the first novel of the series published in 2008.

Dana Cutler is a young private detective working in Washington DC. The series begins with Dana is a successful private detective that has the strange talent of solving the most intricate of mysteries. The series opens to Cutler being hired by a powerful attorney who requires her to locate Charlotte Walsh a college girl.

Cutler witnesses a rendezvous between the young college girl and the president. She wakes up to learn that the mutilated body of Walsh had been found and that she is the main suspect. Dana knows that to prove her innocence
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In this all action novel Margolin takes the readers on a thrilling journey of nonstop action involving a rogue element of the American intelligence services with whom the presidential nominee is highly involved. After one justice mysteriously resigns and another is viciously attacked, Cutler is called in to investigate the bizarre happenings. Together with Keith Evans and Brad Miller, they uncover a conspiracy and soon find themselves facing vicious foes that would not hesitate to kill to protect their secrets.

Capitol Murder, the third book in the Dana Cutler series is a high octane thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. Coming from successfully unmasking a conspiracy by rogue elements in the CIA and saving a justice’s life, Cutler now working for an American senator in Washington, gets roped in to investigate a mysterious murder at his home. Meanwhile the senator has disappeared with no trace. After a little diffing in Oregon, she uncovers a terrorist plot that seems to dovetail into the senator’s shady background


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