Essay on Dana Hall Case

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Charles Leasure Social Values – Dana Hall Case Study Elaine Betts is addressing Mr. William McMurtrie about changes that might be necessary for the survival of Dana Hall. This imaginary dialogue is based on a case study titled Dana Hall: Funding Mission article by McFarlan, Leonard & Tritter, 2006. E.B. = You and I certainly have a very serious mission in formulating a new mission for Dana Hall. The present mission of the school has served it well in the past but is it right for the future of Dana Hall? W. M. = I have only been involved with Dana Hall a short time but I am a trustee because I believe in what the school has done for its students as a single sex school. The girls are more confident, more academically engaged, and…show more content…
I plan to stay and move Dana Hall forward. W.M. = Stability will be wonderful for the school and its students. How can you guide the committee in developing a mission that will benefit Dana Hall? How do we sustain Dana Hall? E.B. = One question we must answer is whether or not we are willing to change. We are very happy to be what we are presently. I know this is our most supported position. If we decide that is what we want, then we must formulate ways to make it work. Yes, an all girls school is not the norm these days. What makes Dana Hall unique and what can we offer girls that cannot be offered in a coed school? Can we make parents willing to contribute through tuition or other means to ensure the viability of the school both academically and financially? Or is there a way to decrease expenses and still maintain our quality? W.M. = What if we decide this will not work? E.B. = There is the possibility of merger with a boys school. I was not here in 1971 when Dana Hall almost merged with St. Paul’s and do not know the reasons why this did not occur then but there are not many boys only schools left in the area (McFarlan, et al., 2006). Maybe we should become coed by ourselves (McFarlan, et al., 2006)? We would need to thoroughly plan to determine if this would ultimately increase our costs. Other all girls schools have successfully become coeducational in one way or
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