Dana Made Margaret Feel Inferior

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Dana made Margaret feel inferior. Linda went through a seven year concealment in her grandmother’s attic, where she manufactured her escape. She wouldn’t submit herself to Dr. Flint so she thought that if she slept with the neighbor Mr. Sands, who happens to be the father of her children Dr. Flint would sell her in disgust. Which he obviously didn’t, he made propositions that made Linda want to runaway even more. Linda wanted her children to have a good life and be free. This is what she thought until after Mr. Sands runs for congress and got married. “He had not emancipated my children and if he should die they would be at the mercy of his heirs.” (Jacobs, 105) Linda made sure that Ellen, her daughter was sent to New York for a better life and her son Benny would follow after. Which he did, but Linda was in for a surprise when she saw Ellen uneducated, like Mr. Sands promised to her. Linda ended up have to teach Ellen herself. Dana knew that she could always go home, only if she was in danger. If Dana wanted to go home for good, she would have to kill Rufus. “Then he brought up the fist of his free hand to punch me once, and again as the patroller had done so long ago. I pulled the knife free of him somehow, raised it, and brought it down again into his back.” (Butler 260). No matter what happens if she goes home, Rufus will always call her back to 1819. Dana was always free, but she was “free” limitedly her work wasn’t like other slaves. When she found out her purpose in
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