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This case study is conducted to understand how information systems can help Danaher work leaner. Organizations now have to use technology to transform their business. Since the creation of the internet, it has brought many opportunities for innovative e-business that will be based on for new approaches to the business. The more businesses advertise on social media like Facebook, Twitter and other social media. There are also a lot of new information technology and information systems to help businesses to achieve their goals and make their work more effectively and more efficiently (Charts, & Reynolds, 2010). One example of a business using information technology and information systems to achieve their goals better is Shell
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Although the firm has been working on maximum efficiency, Tom Mathis has come up with a better solution to solve the problem. He plans to cut costs by purchasing supplies from overseas sellers. Mr. Mathis knew that this strategy would have increased the cost and time of delivery. The factory buyers should also take the time to investigate any potential new vendors. So he is using information technology to implement the program and to improve the process of inventory restocking. (Larenernest, 2010) However, workers have been so accustomed to the Kanban system that it is difficult for them to change the system, so there is a high resistance to change among the business. In addition, it is well-known that Microsoft managed to reduce inventory levels and increase production rates without significant investment in information technology. They settled with the traditional method of trying to adopt new methods and many operating firms were deliberately separated from the technology because the first thing the experts tell Kanban factory to do is to disconnect the Material Requirements Planning System (MRP). MRP is a system used to manage manufacturing processes in terms of production planning, scheduling, and inventory control. This causes another problem for Mr. Mathis since the firm does not have the internal resources needed to support the system that he wants to employ. (Carr, 2005)

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