Dance: A Fictional Narrative

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- “If I was the question, would you be my answer, if I was the music, would you be the dancer.”-I was singing, gosh this song is annoying I thought -” Oh My God this song is stuck in my head! hmmm what about… I know my ring was gonna get laid about a week ago…, I’m not feeling Pitbull, what about hmmmm……. they say we are what we are, but we don’t have to be!”-yeah, some Fall out Boy sounds great right now I told myself quietly. -” Elianoooo!”-my mom screamed from the kitchen, sounding a bit excited -” Yes!?”-I yelled confused, feeling lazy. -” Come, I need to show you something!”-she yelled to make sure I heard her. -” I’ll be there in a sec!”-I yelled, very confused and curious, but why is she calling me, a present? hmmm probably not, probably wants me to help her out,”-hahaha she’s so short’-she’s so short I thought to myself. Maybe she did something and wants to show me!
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