Dance A Sport

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Is Dance Considered a Sport? Three laps around the gym, minute long planks, crunches, sit-ups, and pushups in a matter of thirty minutes. As a dancer, experiencing and realizing the strength that needs to be present in order for an athlete to grow is vital. We go through long hours of choreography sessions, pain and strain on our bodies, and vigorous training. Many people will disagree on the status of if dance is a sport or not. Both Mary- Elizabeth Esquibel, in her article “Why Dance Will Always Be a Sport” and the infographic entitled “Is Dance a Sport?” attack this controversial dilemma. Even though these arguments use different formats, they use rhetoric similarly.
In Esquibel’s article, she battles with the use of ethos. Her article is created on a site called “The Odyssey”, which is a tool for college students to upload essays. Many people would argue the fact the Mary-Elizabeth isn’t credible because she doesn’t pertain a profession or have a degree in the works of which she’s talking about such as dance. If she was trying to convince the audience with her own words, it should not be biased based on her own experiences. The article reads, “I was a competitive dancer for 13 years and I know the strength and grace that dancers must have while dealing with the pain and strain that their bodies are going through”( Esquibel 1). This may cause the readers to feel as if the author, Mary-Esquibel, is trying to make herself sound more-knowledgeable than anyone else

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