Dance And Dance Essay

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When you see how black women dance there is this assumption that the dance is tasteless or only dancing to appease the opposite sex. Because of the style that black women use such as popping or dancing in a more aggressive tone. As we look in the media we can see many black women in music videos on TV in dancing in competitions or even dance instructors at local gyms or; but What drives them to dance, does this type of art have a background that will help us further understand their choice in pursing dance, is dance more of physical or spiritual art?
In this paper I am looking at how religion and the culture in dance from an African American women point of view are correlated. If so how are they correlated, I will be looking at different areas of dance in the African American communities as well as the origins of black dance. Also, what influences have changed dance; and what impacts it has left on the African American communities; lastly does dance give black women cultural and religious agency?
I will be analyzing how dance is used and interpreted through womanist’s perspectives, while also looking at how Alice walker interprets dance and how it relates to young black women growing up
Origin of black dance:
Dance in African American communities has traveled all the back to slavery, dance, folk tales, and songs were used as a way to create language between slaves, used as a signal to freedom, used as at celebration and ceremonies and used to tell stories of oppression

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