Dance And Dementia Essay

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Moreover, dance decreases the chances of someone getting a chronic illness involving dizziness. According to Sam wong, a reporter who writes about brain research. “Around one in four people experience this condition at some time in their lives” (Wong). A pirouette is a term in dance that means a turn. When a dancer learns to do pirouettes, they eventually learn to spot, which prevents them from getting dizzy while doing so many turns in a row. Dizziness comes from an organ in the ear. There is a fluid within the organ that begins to churn when a person starts to turn and when the person stops spinning, the fluid continues to move making a person dizzy. Dancers are able to, in a way, adapt to dizziness. They can just suppress being dizzy. A…show more content…
The 21-year study was led by Albert Einstein at the College of Medicine, New York. They monitored the rates of dementia. Some people in the study already had dementia and some did not have dementia at the time. They wanted to see if any, previous or current, physical activities had an affect on the progression of the disease. The data above shows that dance had a pretty big affect on people with dementia. Dance was really the only activity to offer and protection towards dementia or alzheimer's. “Dancing frequently was the greatest risk reduction of any activity studied, cognitive or physical” (Powers). The authors of, all of the research, are, Joe Verghese, M.D., Richard B. Lipton, M.D., Mindy J. Katz, M.P.H., Charles B. Hall, Ph.D., Carol A. Derby, Ph.D., Gail Kuslansky, Ph.D., Anne F. Ambrose, M.D., Martin Sliwinski, Ph.D., and Herman Buschke,…show more content…
“Dance helps children mature physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively” (Standards for Dance in Early Childhood). Dancers have also been proven to be less likely to get a chronic dizziness and other illnesses, along with helping with all sorts of other things. Dance can help to maintain physical health, flexibility along with helping prevent getting certain diseases and helping diseases that someone does have. All in all, dance in general is beneficial to anyone who does
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