Dance At Oip Dance Centre

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On November 9th, I participated in a style of dance that I have never encountered before. At OIP Dance Centre in Toronto I took part in a heels class taught by Angela Mahoney. Heel dancing has jazz funk and some burlesque elements to it, but heels are worn. Jazz funk dancing in a style that incorporates hip-hop and jazz movements. All the movements that are shown are all developed around the fact that heels are worn. Sometimes the movements are very simple so that heels can be worn. It is all about knowing where your body is at all times, because keeping balance in 4-inch heels can be difficult in addition to dancing. Heel dancing helps gain confidence and builds physical strength. Furthermore, heel dancing is a new style of dance so there…show more content…
This powerful style of jazz funk and the flirtatious movements from burlesque put together along with heels sum up what heel dancing is all about. My experience with taking my first heels class was very different, but I enjoyed it very much. It was a new experience getting to dance in heels. It was interesting to see how much of a difference it can be dancing in a new type of shoe. I had to be aware of my body so much more than what I am use to. In addition, I am use to dancing in bare feet or in shoes where there is no heel. Having no heels, you are able to feel the ground and have a sense of stability that way. When I wore heels I took for garneted how much I rely on my feet being able to be grounded into the floor to keep my balance. It was also a challenge to think about my core, where my balance is, and what the rest of my body was doing. It was mentally challenging just as much as it was physically. The class first began with a simple warm up to feel what it like to move in heels. Then we were taught how to walk with the attitude and tease the style asks for. Simple walking in heels takes lots of technique that would not be expected as it is just walking. But the way you need to hold yourself so you look presentable in heels is a challenge and very different. Next we did an improve exercise. This allowed us to

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