Dance: Ballet and Hip Hop

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Dance is a way people can interact with body. If it’s just to get in shape or just for the love of it. For instance dancing helps with those who are troubled or are in stress. By dancing people will start to do it. Cause dance is a wonderful hobby enjoyed by many people throughout the world. Besides being lots of fun, dancing is good for you, both physically and mentally. Anyone can learn how to dance... it 's all a matter of learning how to move your body. The variety of forms of dance is overwhelming. The cultures and people dancing are very amazing. They’re some dances that people do that are just born to do them. This would be the famous dancers all over the world. It forms connections through one of the many types of dances that all…show more content…
Hip hop dance steps require skill and experience to perfect. Hip hop dancers practice a lot in order to master basic steps and movements that appear simple when performed. Dancers with a good sense of rhythm find it easier to learn hip hop steps.
Breakdancing is a form of hip hop that many people enjoy watching, with its cool moves and quick spins. Breakdancing moves take a lot of time and practice to master, particularly the ones performed near the ground, called "down rock" moves. "Up rock" moves, which are performed standing up, give break-dancers a chance to incorporate their own styles.
Hip hop classes are popping up in dance studios around the country. Teens are particularly interested in learning how to dance like dancers they see on MTV and music videos. Dance teachers have capitalized on this interest and have started incorporating hip hop and breakdancing classes into their curriculums. Many people with roots in hip hop culture feel that hip hop dancing should not be formally "taught." They feel that teaching specific moves takes away from the originality factor that hip hop possesses. (Hip hop).
As a beginner in ballet, people are probably wondering what it takes to become a ballet dancer. Whether your goal is to actually dance ballet or just learn all about it, here you will find detailed information about one of the most beautiful and
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