Dance Communication Paper

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Dancing communication is a non-verbal communication. Dance tells stories using nonverbal language, with movement and rhythm in lieu of spoken language. Dancing communication communicate by choreographers and movement. Dancers expressed their feeling not only using their body movement but also using their customs and props. In my first part of Denotative and Connotative meaning paper, I chose a picture which is taken from a concert of Traditional and Contemporary Chinese Dance in New Jersey. The picture shows five dancers’ gesture and their movement. The race and gender of those dancers were critical in this picture. Their race and gender represents the relationship with social and cultural issue in modern society. Race (McBride,…show more content…
Dominance and power (Robin Lakoff, Language, Politics and Power) means power between male and female. Women and men have different degrees of power. Men have more power while women have less power. The differences between the ways that women and men speak is because of that power difference. (Deborah Tannen, He Said She Said). To analyze the movement of this Contemporary and Chinese dance, as I mentioned on my first paper, I described the white Chinese handheld fans are props that commonly use in Chinese dance. In the past period in China, Chinese handheld fans gave us the meaning of power and used to signify a high social status. Only those who were honorable, high ranking government officers and wealthy people were able to hold Chinese handheld fans. Of course, only men were able to hold fans because men were only allowed to elected to become governors and accepted higher education that caused men were more honorable and wealthy than women. However, in the picture that we saw, women were holding white handheld as well which means they have the equal power as men do. They represent the development of race, gender and power equality. Male and women also exist in degree of power but is now changing to be quality. In the past, women have no right and power. Women had no suffrage on the election until the 19th amendment. Hillary Clinton, even though she couldn’t elect to become the President in the United States, she was an effective women governor that impressed the American history a lot because women can have such high position in the Congress which was impossible in the
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