Dance Is A Form Of Language. I Think That It Is Very Unique

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Dance is a form of language. I think that it is very unique to each video that we watched. I have always loved dance because it allows you to express yourself through movement and song. I danced for 15 years and that was always one of my favorite parts of dance. We could have nothing in common but when we hit the studio then all our differences are put aside. Like in the videos no one cares that they were different they all were just expressing themselves through the movement is a lovely thing to be doing. Everyone can connect to dance. In prehistoric times dance was very different than it is today. They use to use a lot of ritual style dancing. It was like channel to use trance, spiritual force, pleasure, expression, performance and…show more content…
Dance is a language. You use your body and appearance to inflect a certain persona and express who you are as said person. Dance communicates on a global scale and people from everywhere look at dancers and people who dance in a way that even they can do it. You don’t have to be a professional or speak the same language. If you love it and want to do it then go for it. Dance lets you look back on certain eras and get a new perspective. Through movement we are able to see how things were and how things have progressed. Like on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show, he does the evolution videos and you can see how music changes he also does them with dance. When the music changes so does the style of dance and that is the best example I can think of that does that. IT accurately portrays the evolution of everything. Different time periods have different things about them that make it so you can accurately portray them and when you hear music from a certain time period you just know how they moved then. With things such as like the chicken dance and disco inferno everything you know the certain moves that go with it. It is the type of stuff that you here at weddings and you just know those certain dances. Dance allows you to get a look at the world in a new perspective. You come to learn and appreciate the different styles and movements and see how unique they are to each place. It is a blast from the past. When you are not familiar with a place or a time period and you
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