Dance Macabre by Stephen King

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Stephen King’s fore note to Danse Macabre, he suggested that zombies act as fast-moving terrorists. “By 2004, only three years downriver from 9/11, rampant consumerism was the last thing on our minds. What haunted our nightmares was the idea of suicide bombers driven by an unforgiving (and unthinking, most of us believed) ideology and religious fervor. You could beat ’em , burn ’em , but they’d just keep coming, the news reports assured us.” (King 40) Here Stephen King says that terrorists are relentless killers. What Stephen King is not mentioning, is that terrorists are not necessarily fast moving and neither are all zombies. Stephen King is generalizing zombies and terrorists which, makes his argument weaker than it appears. There are many myths about zombies in literature and movies that do not fit the characteristics in which King is discusses. Some other examples of zombies, such as the Resident Evil films, portray zombies in a different way. In Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart he describes a man with a disfigurement that gives us insight to the true nature of the fear created by zombies.
The Umbrella Corporation operates a top-secret research facility named The Hive. The facility is located deep beneath the fictional city of Raccoon City. The Hive has been sealed by The Red Queen (the Artificial Intelligence that controls the Hive) due to the release of the T-Virus into the facility. It was intentionally released during the theft of the T-virus. The zombies
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