Dance Marathon

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Dance Marathon
Philip Evergood
Oil on Canvas Dance Marathon is a representational oil painting of several people gathered in an enclosed area that was painted by Philip Evergood in 1934. These people are unevenly spaced apart throughout the painting, either by themselves or paired with another person. The enclosed area has bleachers surrounding the spider web-like floor that is separated by handrails. On the top left hand side of the painting there is a man who is lounging across a few rows of the bleachers. To the left of this man you see a skeleton hand that is holding a $1,000 that appears to be hanging from the ceiling with the light fixtures. In that same area on the wall there is the word “walkathon” and “first aid station”
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To the right of him there is another pair of people who the lady is wearing a black hat, white pants and green shirt that is slightly bent over and her arm placed underneath the hunched over man in black pants and red shirt and hat which suggest she is holding the man up. To the lower right of this pair of people there is a woman in a murky yellow pants, red heels, a blue tank top and a black top hat. She has one arm wrapped around the arm of the man in dark green pants and white shirt and her other arm is underneath the man armpit, which implies she is holding him up. The last person you can see in the painting is a man in black who is kneeling over what appears to be another person lying on the ground due to the way the white pants leg is

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