Dance Monologue

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I remember the time I started dancing like it was yesterday. I was in 7th grade when I first joined a dance team. Dance became important to my life, due to the fact that when I was younger I would constantly get hurt a lot by being bullied, and also had my parents fight all the time until they reached a point they wanted to get a divorce. I got tired of it , and I started looking for horrible ways to blow away the pain I felt inside, finally I found the appropriate way to do so. Dancing was the perfect way to escape from all the pain that was holding me down. I look back so many times to the day I first did a solo;It felt like the wind was blowing towards my face every pirouette I did. It felt like if I was a bird flying free in the sky. I…show more content…
Basically, the quote explains that dancing is a way to find yourself and lose yourself all at the same time, and I figured that dancing was my way to find myself. I began to let out that person I was meant to be. Even though I knew many people would judge me, and the way I dance, I didn’t care what they said. All I cared about was to release the real me, not the person i’ve been hiding behind all this time. I wanted to stop being the person whom everyone thought it was fine to just make fun of, and make her feel worthless. I was so tired of it..I was tired of them all, So I became that person by leaving my heart in the dance floor. People often think that dancing is just about having to do a routine, but it isn’t. I just don’t dance, I perform, I breath, I count, I see the world slowly fade away. I create my own little place to be safe in. I release my feelings, and thoughts. I tear down the walls that stop me from being happy, and that allows me not to be angry anymore. I lose the pain, and I let go of that girl that is full of hurt, and I smile. It is not just about doing a dance it is much more than that. What I do is something wonderful that I can not find the words to express how amazing it makes me…show more content…
I am still that little girl who felt freedom as she danced along the floor. I am that little girl who never gave up on herself even if I wanted to do so a billion times. I am that girl who never stopped believing in herself, yet many people told her to stop. I grew, and thanks to “Dance” I survived. I became a strong independent women. Now, I am close to ending my last season in dance as a high school student. One more year and it will all be over, and all that hard work will be worth it when I walk out of that stage on graduation day, and say “I did it , I passed through the pain that stopped me from living, from achieving”. I am now proud of the girl I am today, and no matter what happens next I will always feel love for that dancer and the person I now
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