Dance: Ms. Katsuyoshi's Traveling Through Her

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Spring Footholds had a wide variety of dances. I loved it all. There was not only modern dance but there was also modern ballet, hapa haole hula, crossdress lip sync, abstract dances, and classical Balinese dance. Each piece had their own unique style. The first piece, “Traveling Through Her,” used variation in time, space, repetitive movements and patterns throughout their piece. I enjoyed the way the dancers were evenly spaced out throughout the stage, using different levels and the upper space which is usually considered negative space. This piece used indirect and direct movements. For example, Misha was on a stepping box and she was doing indirect movements that affected the other dancers movement in time and space. I thought…show more content…
The dancers did an excellent job at projecting their motions to fill the negative space above and around them. They also incorporated the quality of following and time variations. It was cute because their piece was called, “Play Date,” and having the dancers play follow the leader and copying the dancer who is the leader. Ms. Katsuyoshi’s piece had a playful theme to it. The piece entitled, “Legong Bapang Saba,” used some qualities that we have been experimenting with, such as following and mirroring. Even though there were only two dancers, it was clear that they would mirror and interact with each other at times. It is very interesting to see other cultures and different styles of dance use the same qualities that we have been playing with. Spring Footholds was very different from Fall footholds considering the fact that there were more cultural based numbers in Spring footholds. Personally, I enjoyed every bit of it and the diversity of dances that were presented this semester. Overall, I thought every piece had at lease one quality or tool, such as mirroring, following, variation in time, using the space, direct and indirect movements, from our dance composition tool
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