Dance Music and Moral Panic

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ME5331ass2 Discuss one of the ideas of the following writers in relation to popular music culture: Stanley Cohen. You may use a case study approach in your answer. Scholars such as Rietveld suggest that; The British Culture has a long history in regulating pleasures associated with parties. A fear seems to exist of the unregulated body that dances and is intoxicated...It is therefore not surprising that the acid house parties; that heady mix of house ‘n’ E events in 1998, were followed by various moral panics. (Rietveld, 1998, pp. 253-4.) The dance music genre that became popularised in the late 1980s led to the media amplification and misunderstanding regarding issues surrounding drug misuse as well as the creation of a moral panic…show more content…
Crass also joined the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) in order to work alongside while doing gigs and raising awareness of socio-political issues. It could be theorised that many other bands such as ‘Conflict’ and ‘Flux of Pink Indians’ also adopted the anarcho-punk style as part of their ideology recognising it as a socio-political ideal rather than a means to gain further popularity. It can be theorised that the intention of anarcho-punk is to deteriorate government or outside oppression. They challenge capitalism suggesting that the economic system itself is problematic and simply a way of producing profit through social hierarchies. In regards to Cohen’s theoretical assumptions regarding societal panic the aforementioned genre of anrcho-punk can be used as an example of how a misunderstood sub-culture within a popular music genre can be demonised and seen as the cause of the moral and socio-political problems within society. During the emergence of the punk movement those involved in the culture were perceived by the media as being dangerous and violent thugs who threatened the established moral system within civilized societies through lyrical content that directly challenged the status quo. This is evident for example in the lyrics of
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