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Dance Paper ARTS/100 February 28, 2011 Dance Paper Dance is used as a form of expressing how you feel through the movement of your body through music. Through the different styles of dancing, it can be slow paced, fast paced, mellow, seductive, fun and enjoyable at the same time. The different styles discussed in this paper will show that jazz, ballet, folk, ritual and modern dance are different but similar. Whatever style of dance you choose they all have repetition, form and rhythm and something about the dance that makes people enjoy it and move to it. Jazz The Charleston is a form of Jazz dance originally performed by Blacks on a small island near Charleston, South Carolina, around 1903. The dance became popular with…show more content…
With the sticks, you would basically make some type of beat or rhythm out of it. The dhol is a necessary ingredient in bhangra music and without it there can be no bhangra music. A bouncing motion is the main characteristic using steps in perfect harmony when waving arms this in sync dance needs timing is one thing that is really crucial in bhangra as hundreds of different variations are involved performers all have a confident smile. (Deshpande, S. ,2000). Bhangra dancing is in a social and competitive form, teams also compete consisting of six guys and six girls there are many stunts but the most common one is getting on top of someone's shoulders and raising your arms high in the air keep a good line. A bhangra dance is always ended with some type of stunt. (Rangrass, G. ,2008). Beginner's can join a team to learn optional they can go to a university and learn the dance itself from teachers. Ritual Dance Belly dancing originated in the regions of Mesopotamia more than six thousand years ago with Turks, Egyptians, and Phoenicians claiming this dance as their own. Throughout history, this form of dance has been performed by women, for women. In villages, women would dance solely for other women during family and social gatherings. The women would gather in a circle, showing off their skill, grace, and beauty by dancing solo or with each other. When

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