Dance Reflection

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1) What you learned in dance:

Dance class this year was an incredible experience. I learned a lot of technique, amazing choreography (courtesy to Ms.P), and how to become a better performer. However, I believe that the most important aspect I received from this class was how to choreograph a piece you envision only in your mind at first. Throughout the Elements of Dance project and the ISP, I had the opportunity to work with different people to choreograph a dance piece with a story behind it. As a choreographer, I learned that when working as a group it is very important to use every individual’s strength in the piece to make it stronger overall. These projects taught me how to tell a story through movement, facial expression, and spacing that would be successfully passed on to the audience. I was also very happy with myself this semester because I felt that the lyrical unit especially, really helped me improve my facial expressions, and my acting skills when it came to portraying a certain character and their life story through dance.

2) How you grew as a student and dancer. Be specific and also include if you reached all of the goals that you set at the beginning of the semester.

I set myself concrete goals at the beginning of the semester in this class, and I feel that even though I have not reached all of them yet, I am on the right path. I grew as a dancer and student through my dancing technique, flexibility, and performance skills. In terms of flexibility, I

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