Dance Reflection Paper

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I believe myself to be a pretty socially well individual. I have a strong desire to meet people and make friends as well as a loyalty to my current friends. I will always try and make time for a new relationship and any existing ones. I also think I am good at judging when I need “alone time”. If asked where I fall on the introvert-extrovert spectrum, I will generally say my answer depends on the day and my mood. Sometime I feel an intense need to be around people and hang out with friends and other time I am content with being by myself in my room, reading, doing homework, or watching some tv. In this realm of wellness, I don’t detect much of a difference between me as dancer and a person. Physical wellness is something that I have…show more content…
Career wellness is something I spend a lot of time focusing on. At this point in my life, it might be the most important aspect of wellness. A big part of the reason why is because I am here at school to get a degree which will lead to a career. I am also extremely investing in making sure the career path I am currently on is the right one for me. Emotional wellness is the realm of wellness I focus the least about. I tend to usually be pretty level headed and work well under stress. I don’t always take time for myself to relax and recuperate. It is something that I usually put off, which is unhealthy and I need to make it more of a priority in my life. SOmetimes I use dance as an emotional outlet. Usually when I go into the studio to take class, it's my time to focus on something I can do and momentarily stop worrying about everything else I have going on. Environmental wellness is growing in importance in my personal life. As I grow older, I am becoming more aware and educated about what going on with our environment and I try to do my best to lessen my negative effect on the earth. I am still learning and growing in this area of wellness. As a dancer I equate this type of wellness to spatial awareness or being aware of your surroundings which could be objects or people. As a long time dancer, this comes somewhat naturally to me and I place great importance on it. Ignoring what’s in your environment while your dances can
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