Dance Theraphy Essay

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The Growing Field of Dance Therapy

In the world of therapy, there are many routes that can be taken by college graduates to lead successful lives. There are the “norms” such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and recreational therapy. There are also the therapy types that have not been exposed quite as much as the aforementioned and should be because they are definitely exciting and should be explored. Among these is the lucrative field of dance therapy. Dance therapy is one of, if not the, most interesting career available to graduates of college today.
Sometimes called dance movement therapy, dance therapy requires not only using your body to assist your client. This concentration of therapy relies on your body and your
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Dance therapy is a very mobile profession. Because sometimes patients are not able to drive to their own appointments, it would be in the best interest of dance therapists to drive to the patient’s home or healthcare facility. “Dance therapy is practiced with both individuals and groups in health, education and social service settings, as well as in private practice (” Although a dance therapist may have a private practice, they may still opt to have some sort of transportation for their patients who are unable to drive on their own whether it is a personal vehicle or a company vehicle. Students who wish to enter the field of dance therapy should be capable and experienced drivers. “Travel is a likely aspect of everyday working life and most therapists will need to be able to drive (” As a dance therapist there is no certain “place” to work, because you may just be all over the place! Although the rewards are great, the road to becoming a dance therapist is not an easy one. Because dance therapy is not only concentrating on a person’s body, but their mind, one must be well prepared before entering this profession. There are no undergraduate programs for dance therapy meaning before you can become a dance therapist, you must have a graduate degree. Although some graduate programs do not have a specific requirement for what your undergraduate degree
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