Dancers At West Side Dance Studio

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West Side Dance Studio is a dance studio in Pembroke Pines, Florida. I used to dance in that studio for four years. Out of the four years, the most important concept I learned is that dancers do not use their words to express emotion, they use their body. The teachers at West Side Dance Studio always express how important it is to tell a story with our bodies. That is why we dance, to express emotion and tell a story to our audience when performing and even in class. Dancers at West Side Dance Studio use body language to accomplish their goal of expressing emotion and telling a story to the audience.
My purpose for writing this research paper is to explain how dancers at West Side Dance Studio use body movements as language to express
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They will have an insight on how this discourse community functions and their use of lexis, use of specific terms. As the reader will see later on the essay, dancers at this community use french vocabulary. Ballet vocabulary is in French so when dancers in this community are in ballet class, they use french terminology. In addition to the interviews, I will use personal experience to show how West Side Dance Studio accomplishes its goals.
Body language is important in the dance community, especially at West Side Dance Studio. By definition, body language is “a means of communicating meaning nonverbally through gestures, posture, and movements. Some definitions also include facial expressions” (Rholetter). Dancers use gestures, posture, movements, and facial expressions all the time to communicate with each other. When performing especially, a dancer communicates through gestures and facial expressions. West Side Dance Studio would often be asked to perform in carnivals. The studio’s owner, which also happened to be one my teachers, thought the dancers should perform at this carnivals and use them as practice for our performance facial expressions. The more we danced at carnivals, the more chances we got to practice how we would communicate on stage when performing the dance recitals. In a personal point of view, the more I performed at carnivals, the more confident I got when performing on stage. I felt as
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