Dancers in the Green Room

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I went to the Detroit Institute of Arts on Sunday, November 15, 2009. I had previously been to the DIA several times before to spend my leisure time glancing at the artwork there. I would meander down the hallways and corridors, almost as if I were window shopping. I would briskly walk past the exhibits that were dull and uninteresting to me such as the Early American and African American galleries. I momentarily pause in the Medieval section to admire the shiny amour and intricate designs on the swords. For this assignment, I told my self this time was going to be different. This time I would see more that just paintings and sculptures. I would look for form and technique. I would try to see the mood that the art was conveying.…show more content…
Over the course of his career, he painted hundred of ballerinas. He claimed that the pub-lic demanded it (Oxford Art Online). The ballerinas of Degas’ time were very much iconic. Before people had televi-sion, they would go to the theater to see ballet performances. Ballerinas had the power to convey feelings and emotion through the are of dance. It was a very much revered pro-fession. It is no wonder that Degas painted such a scene, for it was pop culture for his time. He did step out of the Impressionist box for the time. Most of his colleagues were painting landscapes and outdoor scenery, but Degas dared to be different and paint an in-side scene. I am very grateful to have studied his work. My opinion of Impressionist paintings has changed. I now see the fuzzy artworks as a story that has to come into focus by your mind. I can see the soft lines Degas used to create the graceful poses of the ballerinas. I can feel what he was feeling, to be a mere observer in their very busy, serious prep time. I do get a very calming feeling overall from painting. I hope that it will still be there when I
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