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Dances With Wolves by Michael Blake is a novel that covers the topics of cross-culture, equality and respect. It also shows me the history of modern America. Reading this novel is a great adventure to me.
Through years of getting ready, Michael Blake spent nine months on writing the book and got it done in 1981.
The story happens in 1863, when US civil war was in ongoing. Knowing the potential amputation of his wounded leg, Union Army Officer Lieutenant John J. Dunbar turns suicidal and rides a horse to attract the enemy during a strange standoff. His act of suicide has the unexpected effect of rallying his comrades who win the battle later, thus, was misconstrued as bravery and earns him sympathy and fatherly love from General Tipton
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Dunbar becomes a hero among the Comanche after he helps locate and hunt the buffalo on which the life of Comanche depends.
After being seen the larkishness with Two Socks, a older wolf who’s been named and befriended by Dunbar, he is given a Comanche name “Dances With Wolves” by Kicking Bird who is a medicine man and wondering the reason of Dunbar’s alone existence in the deserted fort. Dances With Wolves is integrating into the Comanche with the help of Kicking Bird who assigns Stands With A Fist to be the translator and teach Comanche language. Dances With Wolves and Stands With A Fist fall for each other during that period of time.Dances With Wolves later further helps the Comanche fight off the raid from Pawnee by providing weapons.
But his idyllic life ends when he tells Kicking Bird and Ten Bears, chief of the Comanche the inevitable coming and invasion of white soldiers to their land. Then, Ten Bears decides to move the village to its winter camp. Before their leaving, Dunbar rides Cisco back to Fort Sedgewick for his journal and gets captured by the reinforcing Army troops. Without any evidence to prove his post in Fort Sedgewick (his journals gets stolen), Dunbar is regarded as a deserter and traitor and is about to be sent back to Fort hays. During the transportation, Kicking Bird leads a band to rescue Dances With Wolves and kill the escort soldiers.
Knowing the unavoidable hunt for a fugitive like him,
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