Dances with Wolves: Changing from a Dignified Solider to a Sioux Warrior

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In the movie Dances with Wolves Lieutenant John Dunbar is a dynamic character; changing throughout the film from a dignified United States Army soldier, to a passionate Lakota Sioux member. On his journey, Dances With Wolves takes in many experiences many have only dreamt about. When he rides Cisco out onto the battlefield in a suicide attempt, he has no idea that he indeed will live and will never lead the same life again. John Dunbar changed in many ways reflected upon in the film, including: mindset, clothing, and his sense of identity; it is though these character traits that Dances With Wolves discovers that inside everyone is a frontier just waiting to be explored.
When the Dunbar is first assigns himself to Fort Sedgwick, and
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Dances with Wolves’ sense of identity is entirely with the Lakota Sioux when he is captured by the U.S. Army, his original people, and is beaten, yet Dances with Wolves refuses to cooperate with them, “I am Dances with Wolves, and I have nothing to say to you. You are not worth talking to.” Dances with Wolves sense of identity is closely related to his mindset.
When Dunbar is brutally awakened by the real thought of his own amputation he finds himself wanting to see the American Frontier, because he seems to know that it will not exist for much longer.
When John Dunbar goes out to find the Lakota Sioux, but he first stumbles upon Stands with a Fist. When he sees that her arms are bleeding; his immediate reaction was to use his U.S. flag, something that he carries with pride, as a tourniquet. This shows the audience that Dunbar is an ardent person and is willing to help another at his own cost. At one point in the film Dunbar finds himself not wanting to sleep at eh tribes’ camp, but not wanting to be an American soldier. When the Lakota Sioux attacks their rivals, the Pawnee, Dunbar claims to a sense of pride. Dances with Wolves remembers his journal that he kept when he was living at Fort Sedgwick, and rides Cisco back to retrieve it; he is captured by the Army and is interrogated for information about the tribes in the area. Dances with Wolves’ transition is complete when he refuses to cooperate with the Army and is sent

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