Dancing At Lughnasa By Brian Friel

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Dancing at Lughnasa by Brian Friel finds the five Mundy sisters at a time of monumental change in their lives, though they do not yet know it, the summer of 1936 will be the last happy time in their lives. The action of the play is narrated by Michael, the love child of Gerry Evans and youngest sister Christina Mundy a young boy who lives at the home with his aunts and his Uncle Jack who has recently returned from Africa. Michael at the very least has hope for happiness in his young life unlike the aunts whose story he tells. Much of the despair in this play comes from changes beyond the control of the sisters, and how they handle it changes the course of their lives forever. The chronicles of their desperate attempts to keep the family afloat despite poverty, declining reputation and major changes creates a piece of Irish drama, that has been described as some of Author Brian Friel’s greatest work . This story comes at a critical time for not only the family, but the rest of Ireland and beyond, it covers major changes as decline of the cottage industry in Ireland as well as hints toward the decent into World War II in Europe. For all the changes faced by these characters, it is the theme of anxiety from change that ultimately causes them to be unable to move forward happily. The story opens to an exposition monologue from Michael where he recounts strange feeling of unease through the whole household that summer, even though it was the last of the glad times. There is a…
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