Dancing At Lughnasa- Dance Scene

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Dancing At Lughnasa The dancing scene in 'Dancing at Lughnasa' is important as it allows the reader to learn more about the individual characters and the unity the family has. We see this due to the order of which the sisters join into the dance and the way they act with each other. In the beginning of this particular scene, we are told about the way Maggie reacts to the song, in a almost surreal behaviour as she creates a 'mask' with flour on her face. They way that she is described to be wearing a mask makes the reader believe that the music that the radio has allowed has caused Maggie to become someone different, however in a positive way. It's allowed them freedom and a too branch away from their normal lifestyle, though staying…show more content…
Rose is the last to stop which implies that she is the least worried about everything and the fact that she is too devoted in the music, the way that her dancing is described as 'graceless' also enhances the fact that Rose is the least bothered about what others may think about her and her family. Overall, the scene of the dance is simply telling the reader that Kate is the most troubled by things and the lack of trust she has for others mean that she is very much on her own, which leads the audience to feel sorry for her. The dance also represents a turning point in which we see the radio as an object which allows the women to change and to branch out from the typical

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