Dancing Skeletons : Life And Death

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In West Africa, Dettwyler 's story of malnutrition takes place and is shown in her book, Dancing Skeletons: Life and Death in West Africa. She addresses important issues such as ignorance in nutrition. She also addresses some of how Islam has become part of there culture as time has gone on and as the country becomes more civilized. Muslims in Mali did were not perfect Muslims and did not do everything they were supposed to but their deepest roots came from Islam. Dettwyler addressed some very difficult problems in her book from malnutrition to child development Dancing Skeletons: Life and Death in West Africa, was written by Katherine A. Dettwyler. The story goes into detail about her study in Bamako, Mali, working with families and malnutrition in the community. Dettwyler had actually planned to go visit another country instead of Mali to receive her Ph.D. in anthropology but she was unable to go and had to return to the states. Not only did she travel to Mali once but twice, once in 1983 and another time in 1989, both times bringing her daughter. Africa was a perfect place for her to focus on the nutritional aspect of anthropology. As Dettwyler travelled in Mali she measured the growth of children and studied how they ate. One of her specific focuses was on how the breastfeeding process worked in Africa. She wanted to know why so many who were healthy when young became malnourished. She learned that often the malnutrition comes from poor knowledge about nutrition rather…
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