Dancing With Wolves By Kevin Costner

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Dancing with wolves, was directed and starred by Kevin Costner. Originally, this movie was basically an attempt to show both sides of the Native Americans and the White settlers. It showed how the Native Americans perceives their insights on how the white settlers coming into the Western frontier was within the concept of “Manifest destiny.” The film is narrated from his point of view by Costner who plays Lieutenant Dunbar. Dunbar takes a risk to do a suicide charge and while surviving from it he is rewarded a spot on the frontier, which he really wanted to go see it before it disappears forever. Traveling to find his post he comes upon an abandoned post, where he resides. When at Fort Sedgewick, Dunbar also befriends a wolf he names "Two Socks" for its white forepaws his first known friend being out in the West. He noted everyday into a journal like a diary marking his experiences or feelings and taking in all the beauty of the land. After a while he comes in contact with the the Sioux Indians, which sooner or later gets to know on a more personal level. Dunbar at first didn’t know exactly how to feel but after a few curious acts upon the native Americans he wasn’t afraid of them he only wanted to communicate with them and make peace. I believe this film does an amazing job of showing how the American West landscape was and how the soul of the the Sioux Indians were with vivid imagery, language and body language. More than half of the film is dialogued because they were
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