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Brittany P. Thornton Dr. Aneil Mishra MGMT 4343 02 February 2016 Dane Miller- The Maverick CEO Great leaders are all defined by different attributes, successes, and contributions made to their professions, communities, and stakeholders. The term “Leader” is subjective and varies greatly in the opinions among various individuals. In this paper, Dr. Dane Miller, my selected CEO, will undergo a leadership assessment based on the ROCC of Trust and various other qualities. Biomet Inc. is a medical device manufacturer specializing in reconstructive products for orthopedic surgery and O.R. supplies (Biomet). Dr. Dane A. Miller or “Mr. Biomet”, was the co-founder of the orthopedic company Biomet, Inc. and served as its president and chief…show more content…
This seems extremely simple but the fact that a CEO like Miller was concerned with this degree of detail and the fluidity of the procedures reflects how dedicated and authentic he was as a leader. Humility is a personal favorite trait that I seek in others and that I see in Miller. During his early career he took a job at Arby’s for one reason; their policy gave each employee two sandwiches a day. He would eat one and take one home to his wife. Dane Miller has followed up this statement by saying "Behind every successful man is a great woman-and a surprised mother-in-law!" (Adams). Although he was extremely successful, he continuously gives credit to other people for his achievements. He applauds his wife for her encouragement but also gives credit to community. It takes a courageous leader to recognize his or her blessings and multiply those back to others. He has given over 30 million dollars of his own money to the restoration of his community through various nonprofits, community organizations, churches, and educational scholarships. In The Maverick CEO; Dane Miller and the Story of Biomet, he quotes William James, “The best use of life is to invest in something which will outlast your life” (Adams). The success of Biomet as an organization can be traced to Dane Miller and his contributions through his leadership. Miller enhanced Biomet socially, demographically, and

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