Danforth Neighbourhood Analysis

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As with any other ethnic neighbourhood, The Danforth’s presence within Toronto is important as it allows for the preservation of the Greek culture in another country, and also encourages the sharing of the culture within the city. Not only that, but The Danforth provides a unique perspective on an ethnic neighbourhood that’s thought of “As the rest”. Unlike other ethnic enclaves, such as Chinatown, The Danforth is accustomed to the norms and way of life of the city of Toronto, while preventing the assimilation of its own culture. This makes Greektown one of the more model ethnic neighbourhoods, and an educational experience for all visitors, as its adaptation to the Canadian culture makes it a substantially more relatable experience for visitors. In essence, it’s not only important for the general public to visit the neighbourhood, but for other ethnic neighbourhoods as well, as it not only demonstrates how to successfully bring your native culture to a country, but also how to share it by tailoring to that country’s way of life and culture.…show more content…
The large influx of Greek and Italian immigrants is very prevalent in the neighbourhood, where it was named the largest Greektown in North America since the mid 1970s. This large population is also exhibited in the vast amount of Greek-run businesses, especially in the western region of the neighbourhood, providing Torontonians an up-close view into the Greek culture and way-of-life. In addition, the aged architecture from the early 1900s showcases how Toronto grew into the city it has now become, with each building in the neighbourhood preserving a certain function from that time period, such as the Danforth Music Hall. This allows Torontonians to obtain a deeper understanding of the vague history our city
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