Danforth?s Witch Hunt, Is It J Essay

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Danforth’s Witch Hunt, Is it Justified?
(An Essay on the Crucible)
I write in response to your column regarding Judge Danforth’s actions during the witch trials in Salem. Surprisingly, you praised Judge Danforth for his “impartiality and tact” during this tragic set of trials. You could not be farther from the truth. Judge Danforth abused his judicial power, throughout the trials, to the fullest of his abilities. His abuses range from berating and coercing witness into saying what he wants them go, to blatantly ignoring testimony that refuted the accusers. He presides over his courtroom as if he has divine right. Judges are supposed to find truth, not invent it. When Mary Warren confessed to Danforth that she, along with the other
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Hypocrisy, like this, in the judicial system is inexcusable.
Lastly, Judge Danforth hath condemned people before they were allowed trial. The accused witches were given the choice, confess or hang. This is condemnation ultimately. Either way, their decision has no good outcome. If they confess to witchery they will be blackballed from the community and shunned, if they refuse to confess, they will be hanged. This ultimate miscarriage of justice also led people to make an even more harrowing decision at the same time, between their God and their life. To refute the claims leads them to lose their life, but to lie will be a sin in the eyes of their God.
Judge Danforth’s conduct during the course of these tragic trials have lead me to be soured of the judicial community’s lack of impartiality. Judge Danforth is not alone in his quest for “justice”. Many other judges have used “divine right” as an excuse for the murder of innocent people. The witch trials are a mockery,that have no proof, evidence, or any other grounds for a trial. The only evidence they have, if we can even call it evidence, “spectral” evidence and hearsay. They be hanging people because a party of 16 year old lying heathens have claimed manifested spirits of the convicted have attacked them. How can these children blind the court, enough to get people murdered, under the guise of being bewitched. God save Salem

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