Danger And Cleanup Of Orbital Debris

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Danger And Cleanup Of Orbital Debris Orbital debris, which are different than space debri, pose a threat to space missions and astronauts. Manny previous missions have left orbital debris in their wake. Most of the debris are left up there until they are pulled toward earth by gravity and then destroyed by earth 's atmosphere. Until then the space junk is left to orbit around the earth. The amount of debri continues to grow quicker than the earth can destroy it. Leaving the debri to sit up there unchecked poses dangers for astronauts and space missions both current and future. There are several solutions that scientists have come up with that could help reduce the danger of space debris. Orbital debris are specifically the man made objects that follow a path of orbit around the earth (NASA, 2013). Orbital debris differ from satellites in that they no longer serve a working purpose, making them essentially space junk (NASA, 2013). Orbital debris can sometimes be confused with space debris. The term space debris encompases anyting that is wandering about space or orbiting around something like the sun, manmade or not (NASA, 2013). Things like meteorites and man made objects that are not in orbit around earth (NASA, 2013). While orbital debris only includes man made, unusefull things, that are in orbit around the earth (NASA, 2013). The orbital space junk can wind up floating around the earth in a couple of different ways. One of the most common ways that it can get up there
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