Danger of Deforestation

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The Danger of Deforestation(rough draft) By Chenghao Chen

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Mrs. Michelle Graf

It is obvious the importance of the forest vegetation to everyone in the society. However, people in the past ages did a kind of thing that they thought was very meaningful—cutting down the trees. When they recall this history, most of them cannot be restrained from their remorse and guilty to it. Trees or forest are things that not only protect the environment but also help people to live better. Destroy of forest and deforestation brings a great many of harm to the environments as well as people in the world.
It is believed that forest is significantly important to both the environment and people’s life. The importance of forest can
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So there were many people took their tools to cut trees in 1990s in China. It was just like a fashion trend. They may use wood to produce furniture, houses, boats and they need more space to do farm work. Therefore, they have to cut trees to make it happen. Study on the main reason for deforestation is vital to the survey on the change of the forest land. The main reasons for deforestation are from two aspects, one is the state-owned forest area, and the other is collective forest area (John&Richard 1988). In fact, the amount of state-owned forest area is much larger than collective forest area. The ecological as well as financial crisis caused by the deforestation has also stayed for quite a long time. The reasons for ecological and financial crisis in state-owned forest area can be analyzed from several aspects such as, firstly, the excessive growth of the population in state-owned forest area, which makes the overburdened of the enterprises of state-owned forest area. There are about 1.3 million work forces in state-owned forest area, which may composed of one third the surplus work force this year. Secondly, over-use of the forest under the administration of state-owned forest enterprises. Thirdly, the administration systems of state-owned forest enterprises perform practically no function. There are also two reasons for the deforestation in collective forest area. Firstly, the reform of
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