Danger of a Single Story

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Reflection on “The Danger of a Single Story” By Chimamanda Adichie Why this all fuss about a “single story”? So what is a single story? Does this mean manipulation of ‘a single story’ by countless re-telling and thus creating an ‘entrenched’ view in our minds which we fail to challenge and investigate with a forward-looking vision? No wonder, this leads to a lot of assumptions, half-truths and stereotypes when this story is passed on from one to another. For example a lot of people think that Australia is like the land of the kangaroos and there’s crocodile Dundee catching crocodiles in the Australian outback, but they do not acknowledge the cities, towns, suburbs, and the people who talk good English. These stories told by…show more content…
So this made her write more short stories with African protagonists and she began to discover new depths and new characterization that she was able to come up with while writing. And that’s what defines that single story. The other thing that she points out is that as Americans suffer from a single story of Africa and that single story is pity. A real life situation to this is for example when I turn on the TV, I’d probably see two commercials about poverty in India, or about extreme hunger in Africa, or about civil war in Africa. But the truth is that all that is not happening in Africa, it’s just happening in a very small area, not even half the countries in Africa don’t face this. She also tells us that she grew up from an upper middle class family and that she, her friends and her family was well off and the fact is most of the people in Africa is well off. A really good example in my life how media plays a role in framing single stories is during my cultural exchange program from India to the Netherlands. But I have to tell you, it was a fun trip, even words cannot explain the experience. So one day my Dutch friends wanted to know about India, so they went on Google and typed in India on the search bar. And guess what came on screen? There were pictures of poverty, hunger and cows on the road, donkeys and many pictures of the Bengal tiger and elephants. So this raises a lot of questions like: * Do you go to school on elephants? * Do

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