Dangerous Effects Of Plastic Surgial Procedure

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Dangerous effects of plastic surgial procedure People are more and more drawn into thinking that their identities and bodies are similarly plastic, flexible, liquid. Karen Donley-Hayes, who is contributor to Cosmetic Surgery Times, Dermatology Times, and the Journal of the American Medical Association, contends: "An extreme makeover culture is emerging. As procedures and techniques improve and become more affordable, cosmetic surgery has turned from luxury to a prerequisite in a society that emphasizes appearance over merit. Additionally, global economic and technological forces, promote disposability and constant upgrading; people pursue surgical enhancement to reinvent themselves and remain competitive" (Donley-Hayes, 2011). Anthony Elliott thinks that the speed promoted by the global electronic economy drives and enables "re-inventing" one 's own self. "The new economy, in which disposability is elevated over durability and plasticity over permanence, creates fundamental anxieties and insecurities that more and more people are seeking to resolve at the level of the body," he argues. (Donley-Hayes, 2011). Consumerism or self-commodification offers a better take on what is occurring the financing of enhanced body parts is now creeping into monthly credit card statements but again this is not for me the core of what is driving the cosmetic reinvention craze. Professor Elliott says that, at an international level, bodies today are pumped, pummeled,

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