Dangerous Liaisons: Present and Past Essay

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Dangerous Liaisons: Present and Past Halfway through viewing Dangerous Liaisons, a remarkable contrast as well as a huge parallel came to mind. The film's principal characters' treatment of their promiscuity was quite different from what we see today. They were quite covert about their sexual relations, and often concocted cunning plans to assure the secrecy of their activities. Today we find quite the opposite taking place on our news programs and talk shows. It seems to me that the cause of this whole difference in treatment of sexuality is due to the advent of mass media. That pre-Revolutionary French society was not completely different from today, however. Like our treatment of the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal,…show more content…
Why does the Marquise use this separate bedroom? Why not just use her own? She is so covert in her activities that she probably does not even want the "aura" of sexual encounter to prevail in her regular bedroom. Someone may sense it. Perhaps a servant would accidentally barge in at an "inappropriate" time. Better to use a secret room where she knows that no one will enter without her entering with him. She cannot risk exposure of her promiscuous activities to the general public. She would surely fall from her pedestal within high society, because it simply was not respectable for a "lady" of her standing to be involved in such activities. Even though the majority of her peers behaved in similar fashion, they did not publicly accept such behavior. In striking contrast to the attitude maintained by the Marquise is an event I learned of on a radio news program. Two Los Angeles 18-year-olds, calling themselves Diana and Mike to protect their true identities, planned to lose their virginity in front of a world audience via the Internet's World Wide Web on August 4, 1998. They claimed to be inspired by the live human birth broadcast over the Internet. It is unclear whether this couple truly exists, and I was unable to ascertain whether the event actually took place from my
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