Dangerous Social Forces

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Social forces always come along with behaviors, whether they’re good or bad. They create who people are and can even help identify who we are. Those forces can even help with identifying others too. But they can become dangerous and they shape who a person will grow up to be. If they're influenced to do amazing things or horrible things, help others in need or ignore them. Social forces are beyond our control. Nothing can change them. Social forces influence identities and become dangerous. Gender, race, time and place are just three social forces. All can have negative effects associated with them, the stereotyping of gender, saying that a girl has to dress nice, or cook in the kitchen, race and being discriminated against for not being…show more content…
His racial identity was enough to be unfair. It gets dangerous when people get mistreated because of their race. It wasn’t uncommon for people, even kids, to call Tom a “nigger”. Name calling is used to make someone less human. Race and name calling go together. And no matter what race you are, there will be a word that people will associate your identity. In the Bruce Janu Race forum, it wasn’t unheard of to hear about a racial lynching. That just because a person is black, they don't deserve to live. A persons identity would decide if that person would die or not. When a persons identity is associated with death, its dangerous. In the article, “America is Still A Deeply Racist Country” the author Chris Arnade said how he was sitting at a bar and overheard someone say, “Well if a nigger can be president, then I can have another drink.” (Arnade 1) A president is a president, and when a person adds his identity, thats where the hate starts. “...my childhood was defined by race. It was why our car was shot at, why threats were made to burn our house down, why some neighbors forbid me to play on their lawn.” (Arnade 1) A persons identity changes peoples respective on you. Since the author is black, her identity is changed. She could still be the same person as everyone else, or hasn't done anything bad, but people judge by identities. Lastly is time and place can influence how people act. There have been good
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