Dangers Of A Salaried Bureaucracy Summary

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Within the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries American a supports a common tone. Racism and discrimination based on sex was commonplace as white men were primarily recognized. Such a tone expresses one’s individuality only for those with fair skin and oppression for those in slavery.
America is a place of freedom, individuality, and a voice to speak one’s opinion freely for those who had the power. However, this was not the origins of the United States of America, but instead one that has evolved over the course of history. Founding fathers have established such a way in order for individuality to be shown by white men who were in possession of wealth. However, they established a starting position in the evolution to begin. Benjamin Franklin states his opinions within his essay “Dangers of a Salaried Bureaucracy”. He discusses his reasoning for not allowing pay for those who work in the government. He explains that “the love of power and the love of money” in unison would cause corruption that could be avoided (Franklin 2).Franklin argues against the views of others who instead believed money was a way to bring people into office instead of corrupting them. His views express the power of those in positions of power and how they can influence the population with such essays as Franklin’s. However, Franklin is a Caucasian male with wealth; as the freedom that America brings contains restrictions for those of another race. Phillis Wheatley, a female African-American

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